Peer Reviewed

Dillahunt, T.R.,Lam, J., Lu, A., Wheeler, E. (2018). Designing Future Employment Applications for Underserved Job Seekers: A Speed Dating Study. In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS ’18). ACM, New York, NY, USA. (pdf) [Acceptance rate: 23%] *honorable mention* (top 5%).

(In Progress - Submitted to Aid Care). Veinot, T.C., Lam, J., Lott, B. (2020). Divided communities: barriers and opportunities for HIV-prevention interventions among men who have sex with men in Metropolitan Detroit. (pdf)

Editorials and Commentaries

Blake, M., Majewicz, K., Tickner, A., & Lam, J. (2017). “Usability Analysis & Findings for the BTAA Geoportal”. Code4lib (38)

job interview

Dream Gigs

Exploring concepts through speed dating with underserved job seekers


Washtenaw County Health Services

Assessing community perceptions and barriers to health services

magnifying glass on land

Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal

Improving usability in collaboration with academic libraries

Service Projects

YMCA Swim Program

Redesigning the aquatic youth program for YMCA USA.

Friendship Circle

Exploring socialized play using mult-sensory fabric among children with Autism.


Improving accessibility and assessing feasibility for trial subscriptions in academic journals.

Vision in Practice

Conducting design research to expand cataract surgery procedures in rural China.

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